Students from KUNO schools can apply for:

Exchange studies (1-12 months)

Express mobility / Express courses (1-4 weeks)

Work placements (minimum 1 week)


Mobility grants are coordinated by KUNO Secretariat who applies for funding of student mobility through Nordplus Higher Education Programme.

The KUNO network recommends that students use Erasmus+ funding for long-term mobility where possible. This applies to semester exchanges and work placements lasting longer than 8 weeks.

KUNO Mobility grants:
Monthly grant 200 EUR
Weekly grant for express mobility 70 EUR
Travel grant 330 EUR between countries (except to/from Iceland 660 EUR)
Travel grant within country 150 EUR (domestic)
Students going on on express courses/placement for up to 5 weeks will receive 70 EUR grant per week.

KUNO uses its own funds to support student mobility within home country (e.g from KHIB to KHIO). Domestic travel is not applicable as Nordplus funding.