Nordic Sound Art was previously a joint study program within the KUNO network focusing on sound and sound art. Up until 2015 the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Schools of Visual Art, the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå Academy of Fine Art, and Bergen National Academy of the Arts arranged a study program consisting of a series of intensive courses or workshops typically between 1 to 2 weeks’ duration. The individual course-module took place in one of the participating art academies. During the past years the program was coordinated by musician and installation artist Jonas Olesen.

From the fall of 2015, Nordic Sound Art has changed its form to open up for more academies to participate and to accommodate more sound based workshops in the form of KUNO express courses. Usually express courses/workshop have the duration for one week and the aim of Nordic Sound Art is to create an open environment for art students and teachers at the different academies within the KUNO network to deepen their knowledge within this artistic field. Nordic Sound Art (NSA) is collective term and can be used by all network members within the KUNO network when creating KUNO express course on sound and sound art.