Nida Art Colony, Lithuania: Call for 2016-17 Residency applications

The residency programme at Nida Art Colony of the Vilnius Academy of Arts (NAC) is open for emerging and experienced artists, designers, architects, curators and art researchers, writers, and philosophers from Lithuania and all over the world. NAC is the only academic and artistic venue in the Baltics which provides the opportunity to live, work and create on the Baltic Sea coast in the Curonian Spit National Park, Lithuania. Since 2011, when the artist-in-residence programme was started, about 250 artists and others professionals from the cultural field have stayed at Nida Art Colony.

The reconstruction of the second NAC building is completed. Artists and academics who seek a quiet chamber environment are welcome to take advantage of a distinctive peripheral Lithuanian location as well as the Colony’s new spaces. Those who are willing to create specific art works or objects will have access to professional equipment for working with different materials. Several digital and analogue video/photo laboratories are equipped for production of new mediaworks.

The new technical possibilities now allow residents to use a 4k quality video camera, a wide press printer and plotter, sound equipment and other equipment. There is a 200 sq. m. show-performing-room (white cube/black box) for exhibitions, performing arts, concerts, screenings and live performances. In the special workshop-studios, the artists can work with laser devices and machines for processing wood and metal. Workstudios, a spacious reading room / library, a meeting room and other facilities for residents’ academic and educational activities are now available. In addition to the already habitual exhibitions, publications, educational events and international projects, NAC now aims to initiate hybrid art, architecture and design practices.

The atmosphere and intensity of residencies differs depending on the season and social conditions. Please select the period of the year according to your project and needs: in summer Nida is turning into a busy (albeit not overcrowded) resort; from June 1st to July 15th and throughout September you will have art, architecture and design students in the house; there are between 5 and 55 people staying at NAC at all times, so from October to April you will enjoy solitude interrupted occasionally by art professionals or students arriving to the Colony for their workshops. You can also use the facilities of more than ten different workshops-studios of Vilnius Academy of Arts in Vilnius.