Kuno Iceland: Action – a twisted relation to the object

The action involved in the artistic process was brought into focus as a discernible feature of art making in the second half of the 20th century. Questions about intentionality, meaning, and the demarcation of the creative act from other intentional actions became everyday features of art theory and commonplace in the writings of artists. With the introduction of Fluxus, Minimal art and Land art, the role of the action in the process of art became even more problematic, and more interesting. The conference will revisit and reexamine this element of the artistic process with the introduction of invited artists who have different approaches to this theme in their own work. The aim is to look at methodological, historical, aesthetic, and practical aspects of the new status of the act in art making.

Invided guests are the artists Bryndís H Snæbjörnsdóttir, a guest professor at the Department of Fine Art, Iceland Academy of the Arts, Frans Jacobi, a professor for performance at the Art Academy in Bergen, Johan Grimonprez, an artist based in Brüssel, Ragnar Kjartansson, an artist based in Reykjavík and Ulrika Ferm, a professor for Site and Situation Specific Art at the Art Academy in Helsinki, who will all be presenting aspects of their artistic practice relating to the action of/behind/within the creative process. Participating along with invited artists and keynote speakers are members of the academic faculty at the Department of Fine Art, Iceland Academy of the Arts.