KUNO Express Course in Tromsø

‘What singles out the voice against the vast ocean of sounds and noises, what defines the voice as special among the infinite array of acoustic phenomena is its inner relationship with meaning. The voice is something which points toward meaning, there is like an arrow in it which raises the expectation of meaning, the voice is an opening towards meaning.’ Mladen Dolar, Six Lessons on the Voice and Meaning

This five-day seminar will explore the multidimensionality of the human voice: as agent of political and affective expression, as carrier of speech and song; as indicator of cultural, gender and sexual identity; as tool for the transmission of verbal and non-verbal language. The use of vocal acts as material in contemporary art will be examined through deep listening sessions, video screenings, critical reading, practical exercises and small-scale creations.
Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay is an artist and diarist. His work in video, sound, and text contemplates the history of song, the rendering of love and emotion into language, and the resurrection and manipulation of voices – sung, spoken or screamed. In his work you will find bells, bouquets, enchanted forests, folding screens, gay elders, glitter, gold leaf, love letters, imaginary paintings, madrigals, megaphones, mirrors, naked men, sign language, subtitles, and the voices of birds, boy sopranos, contraltos, countertenors and sirens. Nemerofsky’s work has been exhibited extensively across Canada and Europe as well as South East Asia and the United States. His work appears in numerous private collections as well as the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Canada and the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna. He has recently been selected for an IASPIS residency from Sweden’s Konstnärsnämnden in Spring of 2016.