KUNO Express Course at Funen Art Academy: “COMPLICATING THE CURATORIAL” by Jenny Richards

Complicating the Curatorial is an intensive, practical, workshop for students interested in developing self-organised platforms for exhibition making and public engagement.
In the past ten years curating courses within higher education have tended to focus on institutional curating, whilst a rich activity of curatorial practices led by artists and creative practitioners has been producing exhibitions, setting up spaces, and experimenting with new collaborative working methods, politicising and renegotiating relationships with the public. In a time when arts and culture is facing significant challenges to its funding and operation, there is an urgent need for new models of producing and sharing practices.

The workshop will focus around 4 areas:
1) Public Research: Raising questions around practices that adopt ongoing methodologies for public interaction and contribution.

2) Collective Production: Ideas of collective production and process-driven approach to commissions and exhibitions.

3) Administrative Activism: Questioning the extensive administrative labour of exhibitions and projects particularly in the public sphere and discussing ways of building artistic strategies to critically engage in this work.

4) Expanded Exhibitions: Methods of expanding the exhibition beyond the gallery and in the meeting of different individuals.

Jenny Richards is an English freelance curator and writer, currently co-director of Konsthall C, Stockholm, Sweden. She studied at Edinburgh College of Art and Goldsmiths College, London. She has worked at a number of visual arts organisations and has produced exhibitions and events with artists such as Aleksandra Mir, Jesse Jones and Hito Steyerl. Her present research focuses on the politics of collaborative practices and recent works includes: ‘Loving work: Drawing attention to pleasure and pain in the body of the cultural worker’ in collaboration with Sophie Hope ‘Home Economics’, a project exploring the politics of domestic work and the site of the home within current artistic practice.