COURSE IS FULL / Workshop by Hr. Pind at DJK in Aarhus 29th February

I have always been of the belief that theoretical subjects can only be appropriated to workable size through physical actions. It hasn’t been a conscious attitude or even credo from my side, rather an inescapable principle that persecuted me. It is the experience that physical work reverberates in the mind and create correlations and connections between otherwise hazy and abstract entities. Conversely, the opposite way, it is as if the thoughts tend to materialize themselves between my hands. That’s what my artistic practice is like and it’s not because I deny the theoretical or philosophical world, not at all. I allways thought a lot about things, philosophized about life, my own existence and so on and so forth. And I read the pappers too. But I find that the specific and workable understanding of things in their context does not come into place until the body has made its own physical experiences. From there I think that any other individual have to make his or her own experience too in the same way as I, as if

I am the first man in the world.

How do I go from theory to practice, how do I get on with my ideas. Should there be a continuity in my production and how will I get there?

Through a talk about the pitfalls of theories in general and through the making of physical artworks for real we will get around as many hurdles as the artist may find on his or her way before we end up in what is intended to be an ambitious exhibition. The focus will be on objects, space and concepts and the workshop will partially be based on the contribution of the students own work.